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How Hawaii Island Volcanoes Are Formed - The Hawaiian Eruption

Hawaii Island volcanoes are shield volcanoes. Known as a Hawaiian eruption, magma from the Hawaii hotspot penetrates the Pacific Plate.

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Things To Do In Kona - Fun Activities and Adventures

So many things to do in Kona - you will love your time here! Fun activities, great beaches, historical sites, local artisans and much more to explore.

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Things To Do In Hilo - Exploring And Sightseeing

Fun things to do in Hilo include exploring lush parks, gardens, museums, sailing on Hilo Bay, Hilo zoo, waterfalls, and easy access to the active volcano.

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Hawaii State Bird: Nene

The Hawaii State Bird is also the world’s rarest goose, known as Nene. Endemic to Hawaii, approximately 500 Nene live on the Big Island.

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Ahalanui Park - Hawaii Big Island Beaches

Ahalanui Park near Pahoa is a naturally heated pool and one of the best family beaches on the east side of the Big Island.

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Kekaha Kai State Park - Beautiful Beaches and Rugged Coastal Trails

Kekaha Kai State Park is a wonderfully wild and scenic stretch of coastline, with pristine Hawaii beaches connected by remote stretches of the Ala Kahakai Trail.

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Scenic Mahai'ula Beach and Kekaha Kai State Park

Mellow and secluded, Mahai'ula Beach has a long crescent of sand in a beautiful bay that offers decent swimming, at the southern end of Kekaha Kai State Park.

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Teen tours, camps and travel-study programs

We are excited to be welcoming a group of students from Port Townsend High School in Washington to the Big Island on March 26, 2014. This 10-day experiential education program is part of the culminating senior project for one of the students. During their brief visit we will study the vast ecosystems and remarkable diversity of the Big Island, explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, swim/snorkel with dolphins in the open ocean, travel to the top of Mauna Kea and much more!

We offer personalized tours, camps and retreats throughout the year, including Diving Camp that includes PADI open water scuba certification, marine sciences and land-based adventures, and even meditation retreats for adults.

We will custom make a program to suit your particular interests, and we'll make it affordable! Come explore the Big Island with us. Use our Contact form if you, or a teen you know, might be interested! Aloha.

Saying Goodbye

After fascinating visitors to the Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens near Hilo for more than 15 years, our beloved Namaste died on January 16, 2014. Please click on the link for the full story. For those who did not have a chance to meet Namaste, rest assured there are still plenty of wonderful animals, exotic birds and tropical plants to enjoy at the Pana'ewa zoo.

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Swim with dolphins in Hawaii - Big Island Guide

To swim with dolphins in Hawaii is the ultimate highlight of many Big Island vacations. We'll tell you how to have the best chance of swimming with dolphin.

Continue reading "Swim with dolphins in Hawaii - Big Island Guide"

Hawaii State Flower - Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaii State Flower, Ma'o Hau Hele or yellow Hawaiian hibiscus, grows on all the main islands of Hawaii.

Continue reading "Hawaii State Flower - Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus"

Imiloa Astronomy Center - Blending Astronomy with Hawaii Culture

Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo combines Hawaii culture and astronomy, paying tribute to the study of space and navigation by ancient Hawaiian explorers.

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Best Flights to Hawaii - Getting to the Big Island

Flights to Hawaii - 7 airlines have direct flights to the Big Island from North America. 4 airlines fly to the Big Island from neighboring islands.

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National Parks in Hawaii and National Historic Sites

The Big Island is home to five of the seven National Parks in Hawaii, including Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail.

Continue reading "National Parks in Hawaii and National Historic Sites"

Puukohola Heiau National Historic Park

Puukohola Heiau is one of the best preserved ancient temples in Hawaii, a fascinating historical remnant of the reign of Kamehameha the Great.

Continue reading "Puukohola Heiau National Historic Park"

Hawaii Big Island Travel Guide - Share Your Stories

Our Hawaii Big Island Travel Guide lets visitors share their own experiences and favorite Big Island vacation memories.

Continue reading "Hawaii Big Island Travel Guide - Share Your Stories"

Mauna Kea Volcano - Tallest Mountain In The World

Mauna Kea Volcano is the tallest mountain in the world, nearly five miles above the ocean floor. At the summit is the Mauna Kea Observatory.

Continue reading "Mauna Kea Volcano - Tallest Mountain In The World"

Manini Beach Park

Secluded and scenic, Manini Beach Park provides a relaxing alternative for those wishing to enjoy Kealakekua Bay in a more private setting, away from the crowds.

Continue reading "Manini Beach Park"

Honaunau Bay - Snorkeling Big Island

Honaunau Bay holds the secrets of an ancient Hawaiian civilization at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau, and some of the best Hawaii snorkeling and scuba diving.

Continue reading "Honaunau Bay - Snorkeling Big Island"

Lapakahi State Park

Discover Lapakahi State Park, a historic fishing village that is one of the most well preserved settlements of ancient Hawaii.

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Hawaii State Parks On The Big Island

14 Hawaii State Parks, State Monuments and State Recreation Areas grace the Big Island. Explore them all!

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Honomalino Bay

Honomalino Bay is home to one of the larger south Kona beaches. The beautiful white and black sand beach is an easy hike with plenty of reward for your efforts.

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Hawaii Island Cruise

Book a Hawaii Island cruise and discover a fascinating and entirely unique way to experience the Big Island.

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Big Island Hawaii Tours and Activities

Big Island Hawaii tours. Hawaii volcano tours, Hawaii adventure tours, Hawaii helicopter tours, ocean adventures and more Hawaii Big Island tours.

Continue reading "Big Island Hawaii Tours and Activities"

Anaeho'omalu Beach - Best Hawaii Beaches

Anaeho'omalu Beach is scenic and serene, one of the best Hawaii beaches to explore or simply relax in the shade of a coconut palm.

Continue reading "Anaeho'omalu Beach - Best Hawaii Beaches"

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