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Our Private Tours

Private Hawaii Big Island tours are our specialty, perfect for families, couples, student groups and friends traveling together. Exclusive private tours offer an opportunity to experience all the iconic sites of the Big Island, on your schedule. By offering only small private adventures, we help you enjoy a truly unique experience that will create life-long memories. 

Private Hawaii Big Island Tours

We will meet you at your local hotel or residence and travel in a luxury SUV with plenty of room for up to 6 passengers. Cold drinks, snacks and fresh fruit are provided throughout the day. We will suggest options for a lunch stop (not included in price) or you can bring your own (cooler provided).

Most tours last 6+ hours. Add $50/hour for custom tours lasting more than 8 hours. You will have all the details before you are charged. 

Kona History and Coffee Farm Tour

Hulihe'e Palace, home to Hawaiian royalty in Kailua

Visit some of the Big Island's most important historic landmarks on this exciting tour of Kona history. We begin at King Kamehameha’s royal residence and temple at Kamakahonu and Ahu’ena Heiau. Spend time touring Hulihe'e Palace in downtown Kona, long-time vacation home of Hawaiian royalty. Walk through Mokuaikaua Church, the oldest church in Hawaii. Experience island life from the 1920's through a Kona Coffee Living History Farm tour, the only living history coffee farm in the US. Finally it's off to Pu’uhonua o Honaunau, the City of Refuge and one of the most significant cultural sites on the Big Island.

Available Monday-Friday only. $325 for up to 3 people (just $50/additional person) includes admission to Hulihe'e Palace and Living History Farm. Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Kamehameha The Great History Tour
on the Kohala Coast and Pololu Valley

Pu'ukohola Heiau, King Kamehameha's temple on Whale Hill

Legend has it that the stones used to build King Kamehameha's Pu'ukohola Heiau were hand carried from Pololu Valley. If there's any truth to this legend, you’ll be amazed when you see it!  Pu'ukohola Heiau is one of the most significant historic landmarks in Hawaii, playing a key role in uniting all the Hawaiian Islands into the Kingdom of Hawaii. If you schedule this tour on a Friday you'll get the added bonus of whale watching at Pu’ukohola (Nov-March only).

Then it's off to Lapakahi State Historical Park to explore an ancient shoreline fishing village that is remarkably well restored. Next stop is Mo’okini Heiau, an ancient sacrificial temple and believed to be the birthplace of King Kamehameha I. By this time you may be getting hungry, so we’ll visit the cute town of Hawi for a variety of lunch options. 

Not far from Hawi is the tiny town of Kapa'au, location of the original statue of King Kamehameha I. Dating back to 1880, the statue has a fascinating story and history of its own. Finally we make our way to the spectacular overlook into the majestic Pololu Valley on the north coast. Time permitting, there may be an opportunity to hike down to explore the beach at the bottom of the valley. $295 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour

Ala Kahakai Majestic Shoreline Hiking Tour

Trail leading from Makalawena Beach to Mahai'ula Beach

Explore the Kohala Coast on this beautiful hiking tour that takes you to two of the Big Island's most iconic coastal landmarks. We will drive to Kekaha Kai State Park to begin our hike near Mahai'ula Beach. Following the Ala Kahakai Trail, we will hike across a lava flow from an 1801 eruption of Hualalai, making our way to Makalawena Beach. Makalawena is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

Moving north along the Kohala coast, experience the stunning scenery and rich history of Kiholo Bay. On a clear day, Kiholo is one of the most picturesque spots anywhere in Hawaii with its vibrant blue-green water. Perhaps take a refreshing swim before hiking back to the trailhead.

Much of the area covered on this hiking tour is exposed with little shade, and the trail crosses long stretches of lava, so it can get plenty hot. But the reward is enjoying two of the most gorgeous shoreline destinations in all Hawaii. Neither hike is particularly strenuous and total hiking distance isn't more than about five miles (8km). $225 per couple ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Green Sand Beach Hiking Tour

Pockets of olivine along the shoreline near Papakolea green sand beach

From Kona and the Kohala Coast, our destination is South Point, southernmost spot in the United States and believed to be where the first Hawaiians came ashore. See remains of Hawaii’s first settlements as you hike along the coast to Papakolea green sand beach. This hike is about five miles (8km) roundtrip and gets very hot, so we encourage starting this tour early to beat the mid-day heat. As we hike close to the shoreline, search for pockets of shimmering green sand deposits where the olivine concentration is so rich as to take on a glass-like quality.  

We will also visit Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, one of the few true black sand beaches in Hawaii. Includes a stop in the cute town of Na’alehu for an optional lunch. $295 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

North Coast Valleys Tour

Exploring Pololu Valley

Enjoy a scenic drive north to the historic village of Honoka’a. Stop for a delicious Hawaiian coffee or tea and step back in time as you wander down main street of this cute little town, an important community during the sugar plantation era. We will then continue to the scenic Waipi’o Valley overlook to experience one of the more iconic Hawaii scenes and a great photo opportunity. Learn about the history and cultural significance of the valley as you enjoy the magnificent view.

Next it's off to Hawi along the scenic Kohala Mountain Road, traversing the side of the mountain with beautiful views of the Kohala Coast far below. There are several great lunch options in Hawi. Following a brief stop in Kapa'au to see the original statue of Kamehameha the Great, we continue along the north coast to the overlook at Pololu Valley. The hike to the bottom of Pololu Valley and Pololu beach is short and well worth the effort.

This can be a sightseeing tour or hiking tour depending on your particular interests. $295 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Waipi'o Valley Tour

Waipi'o Valley Tour

Experience the iconic Waipi'o Valley, second only to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as the most visited site on the Big Island. Enjoy a scenic drive in the comfort of our luxury SUV, about 90 minutes from Kona or an hour from Hilo. Upon reaching the Waipi'o overlook, we will enjoy the dramatic view and learn about the history and culture of this sacred place.

Our standard tour includes a wonderful guided hike of approximately two hours, walking deep into the valley and out to Waipi'o Beach. Walking affords you the opportunity to go at your own pace, with lots of great photo opportunities. The hike to the valley floor is short but quite steep; a separate shuttle can be arranged for guests who prefer not to hike, traveling from the overlook to the valley floor in a 4wd van (add $59/person). After exploring the valley, we will visit historic Honoka'a, where there are several good lunch options. Take a walk through a piece of Hawaii history as you wander down main street.

Additional sightseeing stops are included in the tour. Visit our Waipi'o Valley Tours page for details. $295 for up to three people (only $50 for each additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Mauna Kea and Lake Waiau Hiking Tour

Lake Waiau and Mauna Kea Observatories

Leave the beaches behind and journey to the top of the highest mountain on the planet (weather permitting, road closes often). First stop is the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station at an elevation of 9.200 feet (2,800 meters) where we will begin acclimating to the high altitude. We will then drive to the trailhead for Lake Waiau near the Mauna Kea summit. Lake Waiau is a bit of an anomaly, a high alpine lake that survives under the most unusual circumstances. The trail to the lake is less than a mile each way, but the extreme elevation (above 13,000 feet) can make this hike particularly challenging.

Following a glorious hike of approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km), we continue to the top of Mauna Kea volcano to enjoy impressive views and the Mauna Kea Observatories nearly three miles above the coast of the Big Island. Those interested can make the short hike beyond the end of the road to the actual summit of the mountain. $325 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Mauna Kea Sunrise Tour

Sunrise on Mauna Kea Volcano

To witness as a new day unfolds, to see the sun rise from 13,796 feet (4,205 meters) above the Pacific Ocean, is beyond breathtaking. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this tour is not for the faint of heart. A very early morning departure is of course necessary, at least 2.5 hours prior to sunrise depending on your location. Traveling in the dark under a canopy of stars, we will stop enroute to allow travelers to get acclimated to the high altitude before reaching the summit. The extreme change in elevation from sea level requires a slow ascent. Visitors with heart problems and young children are not permitted on this tour. Weather permitting. $325 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Hamakua Heritage Corridor & Waterfalls Tour

Rainbow Falls Hamakua Coast tour

This scenic drive along the Hamakua coast north of Hilo includes stops at two of the Big Island's iconic waterfalls, Rainbow Falls and 'Akaka Falls. Heading north, you will travel along part of the Old Mamalahoa Highway, once a foot-trail connecting villages in the area prior to the sugar cane era. Enjoy beautiful scenery along the old highway with many waterfalls and dramatic coastal views.

Learn more about the history of the area with a visit to Laupahoehoe Beach Park and the historic town of Honoka’a. Finally we reach the end of the road at the Waipi’o Valley overlook, with wide open vistas of the Valley of Kings. For those wishing to continue on foot beyond the overlook, visit our Waipi'o Valley Tours page for additional details on exploring in the valley. $295 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Puna Sites Tour
Lava Trees, Tide Pools, Black Sand Beach

Ahalanui Beach Park Puna Tour

Enjoy a beautiful drive south from Hilo through the Puna district. Explore Lava Tree State Monument, an impressive collection of tree molds created during a 1790 eruption. Snorkel at Kapoho Tide Pools, one the best snorkeling sites on the Big Island. Visit Ahalanui Beach Park with a pool that is warmed by a volcanically heated spring. We will then continue south to Kalapana and walk out to explore Kaimu black sand beach, at one time the finest black sand beach on the island before it was buried by a Kilauea eruption. $295 for up to 3 people ($50/additional person). Register Now To Secure Your Tour.

Kilauea Volcano
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

An exclusive private adventure featuring all the best sites of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the summit of Kilauea Volcano. Perfect for couples and families. Pick up is available from all parts of the island. Additional sightseeing can be included depending on your location and interest.

Hawaii Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

Hawaii cruise ship shore excursions

Cruise ship passengers will appreciate these Hawaii Big Island tours that are particularly suitable for your brief time in port. Several tours have been specially selected to account for the unique schedule of a Hawaii Island cruise. From the port in Hilo and the Kona pier, these Hawaii Big Island tours provide the greatest opportunities for sightseeing during your time on shore.

Other Recommended Tours and Group Charters

With its stunning clear water and offshore reefs, the Big Island is of course famous for spectacular snorkeling and diving.  There is no shortage of Hawaii Big Island tours that will get you close to our Humpback Whales, Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins, and Manta Rays

Snorkeling Tours

Some of the best snorkeling in the world is in the waters off the Big Island. Many Big Island beaches have great snorkeling, and you don't need a tour to access those areas. But certain snorkeling spots are only accessible by boat, and a Hawaii Big Island tour can add a whole new dimension of fun to the experience. You won't want to miss the Manta Ray night snorkel tour.

Big Game Sport Fishing

Kona is famous for sport fishing. Much of the fish you'll find in local restaurants is caught in the waters off the Big Island and there are plenty of Big Island fishing charters to choose from. 

Whale Watching Tours

Humpback whale fluke near Kona

Humpback whale season is November through March, when they return to Hawaii to breed. There are many companies that offer whale watching tours, some better than others when it comes to spotting whales. There is never any guarantee of a whale sighting, although sightings are fairly common during Humpback whale season. If you're really lucky you might see one hurl its entire body skyward in a full breach. You can often spot them right from shore. We share some of our favorite spots for whale watching in Hawaii, and options for Hawaii Big Island tours that include whale watching.

If you prefer to stay on top of the water, check our list of things to do on the Big Island to book a kayaking tour, outrigger canoe tour, or perhaps a surfing or stand up paddle boarding lesson

Hawaii Big Island Tours by Helicopter

Experience Hawaii from the air! Fly over huge expanses of the Big Island in just a few hours. The views are amazing and a Hawaii helicopter tour opens up parts of the Big Island you can't see any other way.

Many consider a helicopter tour to be the single most spectacular Hawaii Big Island tour. Select from a thrilling Hawaii helicopter tour out of Hilo or Kona, or combine with other adventures for an even bigger thrill.

Bird Watching Tour

For you ornithologists, Mauna Kea Forest Preserve offers some excellent bird watching opportunities. Pack your binoculars and come along in search of unusual native tropical birds of Hawaii. You will visit both rainforest and dry forest habitats as you are introduced to the Big Island’s wide variety of bird species. Your expert local guide knows the birds by ear and will show you the best viewing locations. Good photo opportunities as you pass through several climate zones throughout the day. This is one of the more unusual Hawaii Big Island tours and a MUST for any bird lover!

Follow this link to more fun activities on the Big Island.

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Student Travel - Teen Adventure Tours

Our business is all about adventure education. Our Hawaii Big Island tours actually began with student tours. Each year we invite groups of students to join our Student Travel program for a fascinating week of experiential learning and outdoor adventure, in the world’s most diverse outdoor classroom: Hawaii’s Big Island.

Hawaii student travel and teen adventure tours

Hawaii Sober Travel Adventure

For those wishing to enjoy a tropical vacation with other sober travelers, we invite you to join us for Aloha Mana Hawaii Sober Travel. This week-long journey is all about experiencing the healing power of the Big Island. Each day is a new adventure with many Hawaii Big Island tours included. Join us for an exciting week of personal renewal as we share all that we love about the Big Island. 

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